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Link Place serves the following types of clients:

  • Government agencies at federal, state, territory and local government level

  • Peak professional and industry organisations 

  • Community groups and not-for-profit organisations

  • Consulting organisations requiring high-level expertise (eg. sub-consultant or joint-venture on tendering and projects)

  • Link Place is a pre-qualified tenderer through the NSW Government e-tender system 



Link Place provides research, strategy, policy and governance advice about urban and transport issues.


"Link Place has extensive experience in urban development and sustainable development strategy."


"Link Place demonstrated a strong capacity to consider the ramifications of a wide range of planning, infrastructure and demand management issues, and carefully and systematically related these to the government's objectives, including the whole of government environment, planning and health agendas." (Client testimonial)



Policy Development


“The research and underpinning analysis undertaken by Link Place formed a very solid basis for presenting the policy principles and messages to Government. The quality of the document and robust nature of the policy development meant that Government has moved directly to endorsing the paper as a policy statement rather than pursuing additional public consultation and therefore this aspect is highly commendable.” (Client testimonial)




"Link Place drew upon external networks and presented and communicated all messages and information in the document in a clear, concise and articulate manner. All technical writing was persuasive and focused on key points and the audience needs.” (Client testimonial)



Clients of Link Place include:

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