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Presentations are available for free download here:

Foreground: Our Driverless Future

Our driverless future: a choice between being driven to greater obesity, or more active transport.  City shaper, urban thinker and cycling advocate Sara Stace joins the dots between two tonne metal boxes and a national obesity explosion. Sara Stace presented this topic at Streets 2.0: Reimagining the Streets of the Future run by Smart Cities Council ANZ

$1.4 billion from active travel

According to the Census (2011) about a million adults walk, cycle or catch public to transport to work every day. Most public transport involves a walk at each end. Adding the economic benefits of just these trips adds to $1.43 billion a year, around half of which is public health benefits.Presented at Asia Pacific Cycle Congress Sept 2015.

Presentation to South Australia DPTI

Presentation and seminar with senior staff at DPTI to discuss active travel in Adelaide and South Australia. 

Humans on Bikes: Beyond Fearless

Sara Stace was the opening keynote for the Asia Pacific Cycle Congress, alongside Strava Metro's Brian Riordan.She asked 'if Strava is selling data to governments, what is doing to broaden its market to ensure a diverse range of riders is represented in the data?'

ITLS Leadership + Policy Seminar

There is  huge potential to increase the mode share of cycling and walking: 14% of Australian adults drive less than 5km to work or study, and a  further 16% live within 5-10km, totalling 1.3 million adults. If a  quarter of them could be convinced to swap 2-3 hours per week for cycling or  walking instead, it would save $1 billion for the national economy every year.  

National Bicycle Summit

Sara Stace presented at the Australian Bicycle Summit in Canberra. Australia’s top state bike riding advocacy organisations and industry leaders united at the inaugural Australian Bicycle Summit, held at Parliament House in Canberra.

Smart Cities + Infrastructure

Sara Stace was invited to participate in a panel discussing 'smart cities and infrastructure', as part of the Engineers Australia Convention in Melbourne alongside Sam Mostyn, Romilly Madew, Cate Harris and David Singleton.

$1 billion question: active travel

How does active travel (walking and cycling) benefit the national economy by $1 billion? This presentation by Sara Stace looks at the economic benefits of walking and cycling, and the four key pillars to achieve greater mode share: plan, build, encourage and manage.

Innovation for Affordable Housing

Presentation by Sara Stace on ideas and innovation to improve the affordability of housing around the future Central-Eveleigh redevelopment in Sydney.

Park to Pacific: building a better block

Park to Pacific is a community-led vision to improve Clovelly Rd connecting Centennial Park to the Pacific Ocean. In October 2014 they hosted a Better Block demonstration day for the Walk21 Conference.Sara Stace presented the outcomes to the Smart Urban Futures conference in Melbourne, alongside Better Block founder Jason Roberts (USA).

CycleSafe Network in Newcastle

Link Place was invited to present to the See Change Forum in Newcastle, on the potential economic and social benefits of the proposed CycleSafe Network. 

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