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Expert Feedback + Opinion Pieces


Link Place can be commissioned to prepare responses to policy proposals, public feedback requests, and expert's opinion on a wide range of issues related to cities, housing, affordability and transport.


For examples click here:

Policy Research and Writing


Link Place has extensive experience in researching and writing policy related to cities, transport and urban design:


Super Loci provides an artificial intelligence platform that recognises, categorises, and predicts the movement and behaviour of humans and transport in the physical environment.

Policy and Planning

Link Place's core strength is in preparing policy and planning documents for its clients. Link Place has been commissioned to prepare a number of discussion papers and policy documents, including for State, Territory and local governments.

Expert Feedback + Opinion Pieces

Link Place can be commissioned to prepare responses on behalf of community groups and other organisations. These include detailed responses to public feedback requests; and expert's opinion on city and transport-related issues.Examples of recent letters and opinion pieces can be accessed here:

Australian Cycle Alliance: Cycle

Cycle creates and shares media about everyday cycling in Australia, and ensures that media content about cycling is fair and balanced.Sara Stace is on the board of Cycle, which has representatives from around Australia.Website:

Humans On Bikes

Humans on Bikes tells the stories of everyday people riding their bicycles.

Facebook: @HumansOnBIke  Instagram:  @Humans_On_Bikes   #HumansOnBIkes

Park to Pacific

Park to Pacific is a group of residents with a long-term vision. They'd like to see coordinated improvements along Clovelly Rd to better connect Centennial Park to the Pacific Ocean. They created a 'Better Block' to demonstrate how this could be done.Website:     www.parktopacific.orgFacebook:  @parktopacificTwitter:       @park2pac

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Conference Presentations


To access free downloads of previous presentations by Link Place, click here:

Cycle + Humans on Bikes
Expert's Opinion
Seeking Pilot Partners


Super Loci is in an exciting phase of development. They're seeking partners for a series of live pilot projects. Please contact for more information.

Pro Bono
Pro Bono work


We undertake pro bono work for charity groups and causes. Contact us to see how we can help. 

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